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Medical Provider Patient Insurance Billing Code

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•Olfaction disorder testing- Detects asymptomatic and symptomatic scent disorders caused by underlying medical conditions.

•Indications- Preventative care for early symptoms associated with Neurodegenerative disorder and disease, concussion, undiagnosed Viral infection.

•Diagnosis- Failure indicates possible Disease, infection, Medical Disorders that cause olfaction losses.

•Treatment- Failure of test warrants further testing. Questions for diagnosis should include, Recent History and historical questionnaire to narrow prognosis. Family History. W.H.O. Questionnaire.  Prior recent and Post Head Injury. Further investigative testing for Neurodegenerative/Viral/TBI.

Billing (Patient insurance provider) Private, Public-Government, Medicaid /Medicare.

•(CPT 92700) Code

•Smell and taste dysfunction testing is clinically proven and, therefore, medically necessary for the evaluation of unexplained olfactory or gustatory dysfunction using any of the following tests: • Smell testing: Taste identification, taste threshold, taste suprathreshold, or unilateral taste testing

•Billing Codes R43, R43.01 Olfactory Testing

(Additional Codes Z28.3., 31 (310 Unvaccinated), (311Partually Immunization), ( 39 Other Immunization status

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