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Loss of Smell/Scent accuracy - Viruses and Covid-19.

The overwhelming majority—approximately 86% of people—who have COVID-19 report either partial or total loss of their ability to smell. Experts aren’t yet entirely sure what causes this and why it differs from the usual causes of reduced ability to smell associated with seasonal upper respiratory infections. However, there are some interesting things we do know about this hallmark symptom of COVID-19

With COVID-19, more than 8 in 10 people may briefly lose their sense of smell. Along with it, they lose their ability to taste. Researchers are still trying to determine how and why the COVID-19 virus affects smell and taste. One study suggests the virus doesn't directly damage olfactory sensory neurons.    Cleveland clinic. Mar 9, 2022
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Antigen Vs. Olfactory disorder screening 

Antigen tests only work after you have had an infection and are already sick. Our test works in day 1-3 before you have noticeable symptoms. By detecting covid symptoms early allows for early quarantining and early treatment. Protecting Public area out breaks, Protecting your family and loved ones. Protecting you from untreated long pandemic disease's. 

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