Key Features &


Affordable for everyday use!

•Objective Test for Anosmia/Hyposmia (Full or Partial Smell Loss)

•Validated in Multiple High Caliber Peer Reviewed Clinical Trials (Yale, Gates /GHL)

•97% Specificity and only 3% False Positives

•Improves Antigen Test Performance –Gates Peer Reviewed Study

•FDA Registered Class II Exempt Medical Device

•CE Registered Class I Medical Device

•Results in 60 Seconds

•Visual, Fast & Easy to Use

•Multilingual Test 

•Made In USA, Singapore & UK

•Early Symptom Detection (Day 1-3)

•CDC Based

•Safe & Affordable for Everyday Use

•Simple & Non-invasive – Child Friendly!

•Mass Symptom Screening Tool Ideal for Large Crowds

•Winner Of Covid Testing FX Competition

•3 Year Shelf Life

•Backend Reporting & Employer Integration

•Self Progress Monitoring

•HIPAA Compliant

•Optional WHO Recommended Symptom Screening Test

•Save Your Test Results to Your Wallet For Verification

•FREE RT-PCR Home Kit Voucher with Each Purchase  


5-Point Scent

Detection &

Intensity Card

COVID-19 and other viruses mainly enter the body through the nose that are highly enriched in ACE-2 receptors (up to 600-fold).


Our test includes 5 separate scents and sensitivity tests that cover a wide range of olfactory dysfunction including Hyposmia, Dysosmia and Anosmia

We can detect these olfactory disorders using a simple test.