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Key Features &


Insurance coverage. Affordable for everyday use!

•Used by health care providers to screen for earliest symptoms for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other Neurological Disorders.

•Used for mild to moderate concussion screening for contact sports.

•Screens for unnoticed hidden symptoms related to Viruses.

•Rapid use. Results in as little as 60 Seconds.

•High accuracy with Multiple medical Validations

•Detects Hyposmia and other olfactory disorders.

•Free software data management and data monitoring for providers.

•Identify outbreak locations with back-end reporting.

•Can be prescribed for on going home use with real time patient  data gathering.

•HIPPA Compliant.

•Safe & affordable for everyday use.• Visual, fast & easy to use.

Insurance cpt codes for patient billing. (See Attached

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5-Point Scent

Detection &

Intensity Card

Our test includes 5 separate scents and sensitivity tests that cover a wide range of olfactory dysfunction including Hyposmia, Dysosmia and Anosmia

We can detect these olfactory disorders using a simple test.

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