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Try Our Test!

Lets see what the MSP test looks like. This page allows you to see our test in action.

First you would open the card to view the instructions and the 5 scent test areas

Second you would use your Scanner, phone or tablet to scan the (A) QR code to access the app and follow directions.

BELOW we have provided the A and B QR codes so you can try it by scanning using your Mobile phone device.


edit card.jpg
Also watch this instructional video
edit card.jpg

Once you have accessed the MSP app, Fill in your information, Check terms and conditions, Click agree to Terms and continue to start test by scanning the B QR code below.

edit card.jpg

Follow the instruction on you mobile device to complete this example test. Use the answer key below to complete test example.

Scent 1 Cinnamon
Scent 2 Cola
Scent 3 Rootbeer
Scent 4 Lemon
Scent 5 Peppermint 

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