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Covid -19 Symptom Screening Testing and Safe Environment Management System

An easy-to-use, cost-effective test for personal use and public entry protection management to help keep environments safe from infection. COVID-19 symptom screening that can be easily implemented in seconds with high accuracy and reliability.

1.Feel safer before entering public or private gatherings.

2.Use for employee monitoring and Covid containment mitigation.

3.Meets OSHA COVID-19 compliance mandate by providing symptom screening, monitoring, management and reporting.

4.Use our backend monitoring application for employee monitoring.

5.Use before and after gatherings to screen for symptoms.

6.Use daily to stop the spread.

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Business, Employer and School,

Safe-Environment Entry Solutions

In a real-world implementation, you can use your phone where users download the app and scan through their passes for validation or you can set up a gateway station to increase the speed and help those who do not have Smartphones or internet access.  

Also test can be provided to student or employees which can be taken at home with testing verification sent directly to your covid management team in real time with google map accuracies.


Gateway Smell Screening Station: Olfactory Card + iPad

Quickly ID infected people at Gateways


•Airports/Points of Entry

•Travel: Airlines, Trains, Buses, Cruise Ships

•Hotels/Restaurants/Malls/Sporting Events

•Schools/Points of Entry/Events

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Real World Modeling

School Entry Example

Implementing MY SAFE PASS™ at gateway entry points is an effective tool to stop the spread of COVID-19 quickly, easily and cost effectively. 

•Screening only those that fail the scent test with a RT- PCR (secondary test) will save tremendous cost.

•Students will not enjoy doing our simply scent test vs. using a nasal probe which are inaccurate and very uncomfortable for adults and for children as well.    

•Save time by screening for symptoms using a 1-minute hyposmia test that can be done on site or at home, versus a 15-minute antigen test.

•The availability, time and cost factors associated with antigen screening for large crowds makes it impractical and doesn’t protect environments,

•MY SAFE PASS ™ as the first line of screening to enter facilities allows for a reduction of time to screen, cost savings and greater availability of tests.  

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