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MSP My Safe Pass
The Worlds First - Rapid Concussion and Neurological Symptom Screening Testing kits
CPT Coded 92700 and Z 13.858 with EOB Click Here

A new innovative medical and Sports training provider, symptom screening test.
MSP is used by Contact Sports Team and medical professionals, as a rapid, low-cost disease and health disorder symptoms screener.
A test that uses a patented proprietary method that test for Olfactory Scent disorders that are known symptoms of many hidden disorders.

(A Insurance accepted, Billing CPT coded Olfactory Disorder Test) 

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Patent, Trademark,
FDA Class 2 Medical device
(exempt from 510k) 

FDA Class II Medical Device

Viral, Concussion, and Neurological disorder symptom screening testing kits

with (Patient reporting and Billing management system) 

  • MSP is a new, FDA medical device innovation, that detects scent accuracy and scent sensitivity losses that until now, go unnoticed. This health disorder is called Hyposmia.

  • These changes are many times, the first, and sometimes only symptoms of many major health disorders that until now, go undetected.

  • Hyposmia detection signals many possible health disorders.

  • Medical providers now have a valuable insurance covered screening tool to add to their patient assessment protocol.

  • Detection of this unnoticed scent disorder triggers further insurance covered investigation to pinpoint the cause.

  • Early diagnosis allows for earliest treatment and possible life saving outcomes.

Olfactory disfunction is medically proven to be the first and many times, only early symptom Indicator, of multiple health disorders Including:

  • Viruses Asymptomatic

  • Sino Nasal 

  • Concussion/TBI

  • Covid-19/Long Covid

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Huntington's Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Other Neurological disorders.

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Medical Provider Patient Health Screening Card
Daily Use Patient Screening

MSP Neuro Disease Screening

"Olfactory dysfunction is among the earliest nonmotor features of Parkinson disease (PD). Such dysfunction is present in approximately 90% of early-stage PD cases and can precede the onset of motor symptoms by years. The mechanisms responsible for olfactory dysfunction are currently unknown." National Institute of Health

Rapid, Emergency room, First Responder, Contact Sports Concussion/TBI Screener

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"A test of olfactory function and CTE in real time would be a “game-changer” in our understanding of repetitive head injuries. A 5-min smell test given by a single technician could objectively track CTE over time."

Covid-19 / Viral Screener Card
Safe Environments Entry Screening

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"The principal causes of olfactory dysfunction are sino-nasal diseases, viral infections, head injuries, and neurodegenerative diseases."

"A test of olfactory function and CTE in real time would be a “game-changer” in our understanding of repetitive head injuries. A 5-min smell test given by a single technician could objectively track CTE over time. "(



My Safe Pass

A new innovative test.

The accurate and affordable test your Doctor can now use to help detect, diagnose, unnoticed, undiagnosed, underlying disease symptoms.

MY SAFE PASS™ is a powerful 1-minute test that screens for olfactory dysfunction. Olfactory bulbs located in the nasal cavity, and are responsible for scent understanding and scent recognition. 


Our Objective and sensitivity scent level test identifies scent disorders including slight and unnoticed changes including
Sensitivity loss, Decreased sense of smell, Change of smell and loss of smell.


Scent disorders are a common early symptoms of many neurological disorders, concussion and viruses including COVID-19, These symptoms mostly go unnoticed preventing early diagnostic testing.

Our multi-odorant 5-point scent card screens for a range of olfactory dysfunction and helps catch the powerful hidden signs. Early symptom screening allows for early diagnostic testing and detection which allows preventative measures and sooner response treatment.

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Fast, Easy, Non invasive.
Your doctor simply adds this test to normal patient assessment intake protocol. All patient testing information is instantly transferred to the provider for billing and filling.

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Test Results give clear and concise results that also supply patient history and family history of possible associated conditions assisting in doctor diagnosis.
Results are also used for patient file and proof of use for billing.


Olfactory Disorder is the first symptom indicator of many hidden health disorders. Our test identifies these unnoticed symptoms.

ANOSMIA - There are some test that test for Anosmia (Total Loss of Smell) which does occur is a small portion of the public due to TBI, Viruses, Sino Nasal as well as covid-19 infections.  You simply cant smell anything. You don't need a test to tell you this. Just smell your coffee.

HYPOSMIA - DYSOSMIA-  These symptoms occur due to several medical conditions as well.  These conditions go mostly unnoticed and are the first and earliest signs of major medical conditions. Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease,  Concussion /TBI, and Asymptomatic viral infections. Our test identifies unnoticed scent disorders. You can smell the coffee in your hand, but cant smell the coffee on our card. Our 5 Scent Screening identifies the widest range of scent disorder along with levels of intensities you don't realize exist.  Early Detection, Accurate, Reliable, Affordable, Fast

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A simple Solution,

Proven to Work.

Administered by your doctors or healthcare provider is 60 seconds.

Scratch and Smell scent identification and sensitivity accuracy test.


•One 5-Point Scent Card

•Downloadable Application with reporting and patient tracking software.

•Optional Pandemic Health Screening Questionnaire  –

  Recommended by W.H.O, CDC & OSHA

SAVES TEST RESULTS TO YOUR office computer as well as  delivers full results to your doctors billing email of choice.

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A Test that can screen for the earliest signs of major medical conditions. 
Early detection that can save lives.

Simply, Scan, Scratch, Smell, Test

5 Point Scent Detection &

Intensity level Test Card

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Many Neurological disorders are caused by plaques and proteins that originate in the olfactory bulbs (alpha- synuclein) thus disrupting or degrading scent and taste sensitivity. These scent changes mostly go unnoticed..

Our test can measure these changes indicating many possible underlying conditions much earlier. 

Early Detection, Early Treatment


“The Secret Behind the Science”

MY SAFE PASS™  is the most effective way to screen for Olfactory disorder "Smell Accuracy" is a major symptom and the earliest signs of neurological and  neurodegenerative diseases, Even Concussions and Viruses. 

Science has known for many years that loss of smell is an early indicator of many neurological diseases and disorders. We also know how viruses enter the body through the nose. This new, innovative test detects Mild Olfactory disorder that go unnoticed. Ace 2 receptor damage caused by viruses along with other proteins associated with neurological disorders can effect lower our ability to smell.  Our Team of Doctors, scientist and health care professionals have created this clinically proven test that identifies microscopic changes that occur. This is called Hyposmia, olfactory dysfunction, In Fact it is the earliest symptom and sometimes the only indication of Viral and Neurological diseases including Concussions as they occur.

Smell disorders in the early stages are sometimes the only symptoms of these disorders. Most infected people do not notice this symptom unless a test is used that can identify olfactory disorder is present.


Your nose


Our 60 Second Scent Test can help identify Neurological disorders, concussion and Viruses earlier than any other test.

Doctors and Medical Providers

My Safe Pass

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