Olfactory Test Kits 

Viral and Neurological symptom screening test

with reporting management system 

Olfactory disfunction is an early symptom Indicator, caused by multiple disorders Including:

  • Concussion

  • Viruses and Covid-19  

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Other Neurological disorders.

FDA Class II Medical Device  (510kExempt)

Olfactory Disorder 5 Scent Objective Odorant Detection Test

"Olfactory dysfunction is among the earliest nonmotor features of Parkinson disease (PD). Such dysfunction is present in approximately 90% of early-stage PD cases and can precede the onset of motor symptoms by years. The mechanisms responsible for olfactory dysfunction are currently unknown." National Institute of Health

"A test of olfactory function and CTE in real time would be a “game-changer” in our understanding of repetitive head injuries. A 5-min smell test given by a single technician could objectively track CTE over time." www.ScienceDirect.com

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My Safe Pass

The accurate and affordable test that can detect the earliest underlying disease symptoms.

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MY SAFE PASS™ is a powerful 1-minute test that screens for olfactory dysfunction. Olfactory bulbs located in the nasal cavity, and are responsible for scent understanding and scent recognition. 


Our Objective and sensitivity scent level test identifies scent disorders including slight and unnoticed changes including
Sensitivity loss, Decreased sense of smell, Change of smell and loss of smell.


Scent disorders are a common early symptoms of many neurological disorders, concussion and viruses including COVID-19, These symptoms mostly go unnoticed preventing early diagnostic testing.


Our multi-odorant 5-point scent card screens for a range of olfactory dysfunction and helps catch the powerful hidden signs. Early symptom screening allows for early diagnostic testing and detection which allows preventative measures and sooner response treatment.

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Antigen Vs. Olfactory disorder screening 

Antigen tests only work after you have had an infection and are already sick. Our test works in day 1-3 before you have noticeable symptoms. By detecting covid symptoms early allows for early quarantining and early treatment. Protecting Public area out breaks, Protecting your family and loved ones. Protecting you from untreated long pandemic disease's. 

Olfactory Disorder is the first symptom indicator of of Pandemic Infections. Our test identifies these unnoticed symptoms.

Hyposmia Test YES  - Anosmia Test NO

ANOSMIA - There are some test that test for Anosmia (Total Loss of Smell) which does occur is a small portion of covid-19 infections.  You simply cant smell anything. You don't need a test to tell you this. Just smell your coffee.

HYPOSMIA - DYSOSMIA-  These symptoms occur when a virus inters your body. Our test identifies unnoticed scent disorders. You can smell the coffee in your hand, but cant smell the coffee on our card. Our 5 Scent Screening identifies the widest range of scent disorder along with levels of intensities you don't realize exist.  Early Detection, Accurate, Reliable, Affordable, Fast

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Clinically Proven Scent Technology
Detects earliest Covid 19 Symptoms

A simple Solution,

Proven to Work...


•One 5-Point Scent Card

•Downloadable Application with reporting and patient tracking software.

•Optional Pandemic Health Screening Questionnaire  –

  Recommended by W.H.O, CDC & OSHA

• RT-PCR Home test. Free for qualified persons.



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A Test that can identify Viral infections and Disease symptoms by testing unnoticed changes that effect the way we identify scents. 

Simply, Scan, Scratch, Smell, Test

5 Point Scent Detection &

Intensity level Test Card

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Pandemic and other variants enter the body through the Olfactory Bulb. Viruses cause interruption in smell identification by attaching to ace 2 receptors that cause scent mild to moderate degradation.


Our test includes 5 separate scents and sensitivity tests that cover a full range of olfactory dysfunction including Hyposmia, Dysosmia and Anosmia.

“The Secret Behind the Science”

MY SAFE PASS™  is the most effective way to screen for Pandemic, infections symptoms and the earliest signs of many neurodegenerative diseases.

Science has known for many years how Pandemic and all other viruses enter the body through the nose. This new, innovative test detects Ace 2 receptor damage caused viral infections as well as many Diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases. Our Team of Doctors, scientist and health care professionals have created this clinically proven, award winning test that identifies microscopic changes that occur when infected. This is called Hyposmia, olfactory dysfunction, In Fact it is the earliest symptom indicator of Viral and Neurological diseases.

Unlike other test which require you to be fully infected for up to 8 days, and are inaccurate our test can detect olfactory dysfunction caused by Pandemic in as little as the first day of infection.

These detectable changes occur in the first days of infection before it is noticed alerting you to seek medical attention sooner than other tests. Early detection, early treatment, early containment help identify disorders and viruses as they occur, much sooner than other current methods.

Smell disorders in the early stages are sometimes the only symptoms of these disorders. Most infected people do not notice this symptom unless a test is used that can identify olfactory disorders.


Your nose


No More Lines,

No more swabs,

No more waiting.

Our 60 Second Scent Test can help identify Neurological disorders, concussion and Viruses earlier.

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