"The Secret Behind the Science"

HYPOSMIA, ANOSMIA, DYSOSMIA, are the most prominent indicator SYMPTOMS of COVID-19 infection that occur before you have noticeable symptoms. Viruses inter your body by attaching to cells that are used to identify smells. Our multi-odorant 5-point scent card screens for a full range of hidden olfactory dysfunction and detects these changes.

Olfactory Disorder & COVID-19

The Covid Virus attaches to Ace 2 Receptors located in your Olfactory Bulb located in your nasal cavity.  When they attach to these receptors they disrupt your brains ability to understand certain scents. We can identify these slight changes and alert you to these symptoms.

Hyposmia Caused by Viral infections

Smell disorders in the early stages are sometimes the only symptom in COVID-19. Most infected people do not notice this symptom. My Safe Pass can identify a partial loss and intensity reduction of smell loss (hyposmia) Alerting you of possible infection.